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It was nearly dusk in the small city of Whisper. The town was mostly secluded from the rest of the world, and appeared to mainly be occupied by people from the ages of fifteen to thirty, with a few here and there above of below the age bracket. Cars full of teens were pulling out of the driveways, shops were closing, and nightclubs and bars were opening. On this night, a Tuesday, the weekly bus came into town to drop off and pick up residents. On this bus was quirky fourteen-year-old Toby Artemis Scotch. As it came to a halt, the teen stepped off into the sheltered bus stop. 
"Be careful, kid. This town is more than what you think it is." Was all the bus driver said to him, before closing the doors and driving away. He waited for the crowd of people to disperse, then sat down. 
"Okay, I have no money, no job and no home. Let's see... Home. Job. Money. Wait, food, home, job then money." The Arizonian teen was wearing baggy khakis with cargo pockets on the sides, and on his feet were red hi-tops sneakers with white trim and white laces, over wrinkly black socks. He had on a tuxedo-print T-shirt, and over that, a Minecraft Creeper hoodie that could be zipped up to hide his face. He was thin, and wore a dark brown belt with white skulls on it and a bronze clip to keep the khakis up on his slender waist. His eyes were unique. Under silver, gunmetal-framed glasses with mahogany-painted, cherry-wood arms were big pupils surrounded by a green ring around the inside of his irises, beautifully blending with the brown outer rings to create an earthen mix between the two, transitioning. He had a desert-camouflage backpack on, strapped snugly around his shoulders. All this was topped off with short, crisply-groomed blonde hair, almost a crew cut, but not quite. He had a contact that had E-mailed him a phone number to call. He pulled out his old Nokia and dialled the number. 
It rang rang for the third time, he was about to hang up, when 
"Hello?! Toby?" The voice on the other end was male, sounding like they were twelve, but their demeanour was that of a twenty-something. 
"Uh...yeah! This is Toby Scotch. What was it? ........Adam?"
 "Yeah. What street did the bus drop you off on?" He walked down the street a bit, gently brushing past a few other people, and checked the sign.
 "Terminal Avenue."
 "Ah, okay. I'll have Toshiba Yurokawa swing by and pick you up, he lives closer, then he'll bring you over to my place. Kay? He drives a white mark IV Toyota Supra." And with that, Adam hung up. Toby waited. And waited. And waited, for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only five minutes. Then he saw the car. It was a a sleek white Toyota Supra, just like Adam had told him. It pulled up on the curb, and the right side window rolled down. There was a teen, probably 17, who appeared to be Japanese, in the right seat, which also had the steering wheel and pedals. 
"So....." Toby started, but got cut off. 
"It's a Japanese drive. You sit on the left." He had only a slight eastern accent, and his demeanour was cheery and energetic. As Toby climbed in, he looked Toshiba up and down. He was lightly built, quite slender and trim, almost to the point of being feminine. He wore black and white sandals, the soles and treads being black, and the straps and Velcro being white. He wore white shorts that ended just above his knees, and a white T-shirt with Japanese writing on it and an arrow pointing upwards towards his face. His fingers were long, slender with sharp, short fingernails painted pure white. His eyes were a snowy silver, almost catlike in the pupil shape. His hair was silver, and had two points, on at each side of the top of his face, almost like pointy little cat ears. He had bangs that hung down over the bridge of his nose slightly, in three long points, and at the back of his head, his hair flowed down the back of his neck, stopping at the base of it.
 "Tonight's curry night at Adams, I'm cooking."
 "Well, let's go!" Toby seemed to get along quite well with this Toshiba fellow. Suddenly, he heard a loud rev, and saw a deep purple TVR Sagaris pull up onto the curb behind them. Toshiba uttered a curse and put the automatic transmission into gear, pulling away from the curb.
 "Buckle up, Toby-San." 
"Uh.. Sure. But you could call me Shoe, if you want." 
"Eh, sure. Shoe-San. That has a good ring to it." As the supra pulled away from the curb, the TVR was right behind them.
 "Why are you running from them? Po-po?"
 "My ex." Toshiba explained. "Clingy and possessive, even though I've long moved on." They pulled off terminal avenue and down a side street, smashing through a pile of trash and cardboard, and drifted back onto a Main Street, the TVR going the long way and meeting up with them at the corner of Forza and Touring streets. Toshiba turned the radio on, and they both heard the beginning of The song Ready Steady Go. 
"Good taste in music, Toshi!" 
"Thanks." They swerved into an oncoming lane of traffic, into a tunnel. Toby half onto the ceiling  handle with white knuckles. When they left the tunnel, the TVR was gone. Just gone. It had disappeared without a trace.
"Now, let's get back to Adam's before she finds us again." 


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Just an about-average guy who enjoys video games and being with friends. Currently working on the writing project Toby Scotch In Whisper. If anyone's interested in a collab or crossover or anything like that, just message me.
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